Rental Car Manager’s easy-to-use, online car rental software is packed with features, making the everyday task of running a vehicle hire operation as efficient as possible; this is achieved without compromising on the options and features required to make your business successful in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Whether you operate 10 vehicles or 5000, Rental Car Manager is affordable for all sizes of rental vehicle businesses and scales smoothly to your requirements.

Rental Car Manager is a comprehensive online rental vehicle management solution which will immediately improve customer satisfaction levels, drive down operational costs, and improve your business’s bottom line margins.

Rental Car Manager offers advanced tools to streamline your booking process. Start managing your quotes and bookings as soon as your customer emails, phones, or enquires on your website. Our simple workflow captures all required information and manages your processes to ensure a smooth transition through the rental cycle.

Want your customers to book easily online?
Our software can be quickly integrated with your website with no headaches!

With our live availability checking and easy-to-use website interface, our web module gives you everything you need to ensure an easy and efficient experience for your staff and customers alike.

Hands free pickup

Check-in hands free pickup has never been so easy.
Our online check in, electronic signing of rental agreements and electronic vehicle inspections combined with our all-new smart lockbox (that allows for out of hours or unattended pickups), your customers will enjoy faster, more efficient service and be on their way sooner.

Tasks in RCM can now be automated. You can automatically send emails or web requests (webhooks) after pre-defined events are triggered in RCM or the API’s. 

You might like to automatically send an email when a vehicle is returned to thank the customer or to fill in a survey. Even more exciting is the ability to send data automatically to a CRM system of your choice or even to a BI (Business Intelligence) service to create custom dashboards and reports for your business.

Agent Integration allows customers to make bookings directly to your system from online agent booking sites worldwide. With clear, straightforward management of agent rates, extras and commissions from within Rental Car Manager, it has never been easier to increase your online sales.

Rental Car Manager seamlessly integrates with some of the biggest rental agents worldwide; Rentalcars.com and Motorhome Republic to name a few.

Rental Car Manager makes setting up and managing your fleet easy. With simple vehicle entry and efficient tracking of registrations and maintenance, your vehicles will always be ready to go. Alerts and warnings are in place to ensure you’ll never miss a service.

Rental Car Manager provides a flexible and comprehensive reporting suite that covers all areas of your business. From your daily operations to your sales and monthly financial reporting requirements, we have you covered with flexibility: choose the data you want to display and the format it comes in.

Our full set of API’s allow you to integrate easily with your partners and build applications around your data. Whether it’s a simple data extraction or a sophisticated integration, we have the API to help you achieve your goal. We offer full access to our Sandbox and documentation to get you on your way.

Keep track of your fleet quickly and easily without any specialist setup – just plug in and go.

With GPS trackers installed, you will have real-time data on the location of every vehicle in your fleet, along with access to critical vehicle data.

Rental Car Manager takes security seriously which is why we have implemented a layered approach to our security. From locking down system access to specific locations, to restricting user access to certain menus and features, your system will remain secure and free from threat.

With real-time payments made from your website and Stripe certified card readers in your depot for tap and go transactions, we make payment processing simple and stress free for you and your customers. Wherever and whenever you receive payments with Stripe, the transactions will flow into Rental Car Manager with our fully integrated Stripe feed.

Be confident when you respond to customer and website booking requests with Rental Car Managers Availability Engine! Use the configurable rules-based software to tune the Availability Engine to match your business requirements.

Cater to your customers needs with Rental Car Managers Package Feature. With four package types to choose from, this feature has been designed with the flexibility to cater to all of your package requirements.

Transform your data into business insights! Analyse your historical and current data to quickly uncover actionable insights and make informed business decisions.

What's new

And that’s not all. With yield management, integrated payment facilities, financial integration and Infringement processing just to name a few, it’s pretty obvious we have been working with and listening to businesses in the industry for some time.

Rental Car Management Benefits

Provide real benefits to all aspects of your business

Whether it is the ease of use for your operators or the convenience to customers being able to book directly from your website, Rental Car Manager will make a difference.

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