Emphasis is on security and customisation

Keeping your system secure and free from danger or threat is our priority



Login restrictions can be set right down to IP addresses to restrict access to sensitive information such as customer drivers licenses and personal data

Manage User Access

Users are assigned a predefined operator access level which can be further customised

PCI Compliance

Gives you peace of mind knowing your customers credit card details are stored securely with our payment gateway providers. No local storage means compliance with your banks PCI compliance requirements


Login Restrictions

Keeping your sensitive information safe

User Maintenance

Restrict what your users can access and view

System Parameters

Pick and choose the functions you want and how you want to use them


“We have been using Rental Car Manager since 2009. The system and support has been good and helped develop our business online. New functionality is always considered and most concepts are accepted and developed to continue to improve the system for us and other users”

– James Rolleston, General Manager of Spaceships Ltd

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