Rental Car Manager Status 2017-11-09T23:04:01+00:00
Rental Car Manager Status

Current status of Rental Car Manager's services, this page will be updated when Rental Car Manager is aware of issues affecting the usage of our systems.

StatusTimeIssues (if applicable)Notes
UP16/02/2017, 1:09pm AESTAll connection issues now resolved.
UP16/02/2017, 1:00pm AESTIntermittent connection issues.Some users are continuing to experience connection issues. Our engineers are continuing to work to resolve this problem.
UP15/02/2017, 8:07pm AESTConnection issues resolved.
DOWN15/02/2017, 8:00pm AESTConnection issues.Users are experiencing connection issues. ETA for resolution 9:30 AEST.
UP15/11/2016, 9:30pm AESTAll services ok.Slow response times for NZ users now normal.
UP15/11/2016, 11:16am AESTSlow response times.Some users are experiencing slow response times from server "secure20". ETA for resolution is unknown.