Rental Vehicle Software

A complete solution for all your rental vehicle operations. Easily integrated with your website and scalable from the smallest to the largest of fleets.

Rental vehicle software

A complete solution for all your rental vehicle operations. Easily integrated with your website and scalable from the smallest to the largest of fleets.

Powering Rental Fleets Globally

Cloud based and accessible from your mobile, laptop or desktop

Easy website integration

Simply integrate with your existing website and your customers can easily book anytime on any device.

Global Reach with our Agent Integration

Integrate with the world’s largest rental car agencies to instantly increase your audience, sales and online presence.

Accessible and Convenient

Login from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone for 24/7 access to your business.

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Build your own website integration and allow agents to integrate seamlessly.

Availability Engine

Our rules-based Availability engine optimises availability across all your locations.

Agent Integration

Powerful API’s to allow agents from all over the world to check availability and book directly.

RCM Analytics

A complete Business intelligence (BI) suite that gives unrivalled insights into your business.

Integrated Payments with Stripe

A fully integrated payments solution, from counter based terminals to online website payments.

Website Integration

Plug and play professional website integration available from day one, or build your own using our powerful API’s.


Wrap up a special deal for your customers with our packages solution.

Fleet Management

Manage fleet servicing quickly and on time as well as accounting for asset management, depreciation and lease management.

GPS Tracking

Fully integrated telematics, GPS tracking of fleet, send alerts to staff or directly to the renter.

Want to make easy online bookings? Our software can be quickly integrated with your website with no headaches!

Rent or sell to anyone at all times from all devices with ease.

Rental Car Manager partners with Stripe so you can easily accept online payments from your website and process over-the-counter card transactions using Stripe’s integrated EFTPOS terminals. Processing your payments has never been so simple!

Check-in hands free pickup has never been so easy. When you combine online pre check in, electronic signing and interactive vehicle inspection forms, your customers will enjoy faster more efficient service and be on their way sooner. 

Electronic Signature capture on a tablet device.

With our Availability Engine running, you can respond to customers and website booking requests confident that your vehicle availability is being optimised. Fine tune the Availability Engines rules by adjusting turn-around hours, relocation times and much more!

Use RCM Analytics to build beautiful reports & dashboards and reveal hidden insights into your business data!

Rental Car Manager integrates with some of the biggest rental agents worldwide; and Motorhome Republic to name a few.

Get ready to take your place in the global market.

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Streamline everyday tasks of running a vehicle hire operation while maintaining the huge feature set that vehicle hire operators have come to expect.

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Let us answer your questions

Rental Car Manager is web based software meaning you can access Rental Car Manager from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser.

Rental Car Manager is designed to be the back-office software for your rental vehicle operation. From the moment a new booking is received the Reservation Sheet will tell you which vehicles are available at which location and when. Rental Car Manager then continues to track every booking and every aspect of your operation, from Vehicle Maintenance right through to the reporting of Sales, Hireage, Rates and Utilisation Analysis.

We understand that changing systems or investing in new systems can be expensive and time consuming so try Rental Car Manager yourself at no cost, with no ongoing obligation! Simply contact us via the Free Demo page. Your trial system will be fully functional, so you can enter real daily bookings and then keep your trial data if you decide to stay with us.

Yes, we have clients that use Rental Car Manager to manage the hire of cars, campers, uber vehicle fleets, bikes/scooters, boats, Truck and Bus, refrigerated vans and the list goes on.

Ask us about our multilingual capability

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