What's New!

What's new

At Rental Car Manager, we have been busy working on new features and updates that enable greater flexibility and are designed with your business in mind.

What's new

What’s New – September 2021 Edition

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s new in RCM

Web Relocation

Relocation Specials

Rental Car Manager’s newest feature allows you to setup one way relocation special deals within RCM and have them available for your customers to book from your website.

The Relocation specials setup is flexible enough to allow you to specify a particular vehicle or a particular vehicle category to allow for allocated or unallocated bookings.

Why not  have your customers move the vehicles for you rather than having to move them yourself!

Payment Subscriptions

Our new Payment Subscription feature allows a flexible alternative to long term car rental that allows your customers to pay more affordable regular payments.

Integrating with 3rd party vendor ‘Paypa Plane’ your customers can be setup to make automatic payments weekly, fortnightly or monthly with each individual payment appearing automatically against the booking.


Rate Import

You are now able to import rates directly into Rental Car Manager via a CSV file. You can create the file yourself, or to make it even easier and to ensure correct formatting, simply export your current rates, edit the data and re-import. This new feature is designed to save you a lot of time and effort!

Agreement Customisation

You now have the option to customise your Rental Agreements and E-Signature Agreements by Brand, Location and/or Vehicle Category Type. This gives you greater flexibility if one or more of your Locations for example, has different requirements.


Tasks in RCM can now be automated. You can automatically send emails or web requests (webhooks) after pre-defined events are triggered in RCM or the API’s. You might like to automatically send an email when a vehicle is returned to thank the customer or to fill in a survey. Even more exciting is the ability to send data automatically to a CRM system of your choice or even to a BI (Business Intelligence) service to create custom dashboards and reports for your business.