Real Time GPS Tracking for Your Rental Fleet

Rental Car Manager’s GPS tracking integration will make keeping track of your fleet quick and easy. Simply plug the GPS devices into your vehicles and you’re ready to go.

Once your fleet is setup for GPS tracking you’ll be able to view the current location and location history of your hired vehicles and the bookings associated with that vehicle.

Along with vehicle location a host of additional information is available including speed, battery voltage and ignition status.

Rental Car Manager is fully integrated with Telemax to provide GPS tracking functionality.

Contact our sales team if you have any inquiries about GPS tracking in Rental Car Manager.

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GPS Tracking Features
Precise Positions
The GPS tracking device gives you the ability to track your vehicles with a precision of 2 meters using GPS & AGPS.
Connect & Go
No automotive or electrical experience is required to install the tracker. Simply locate the vehicle's OBDII port and connect the GPS plug n play tracker into the port and you are finished.
Receive an alert when a vehicle goes over a maximum speed or breaks the speed limit of a road they are travelling on. Any speeding alerts are added to the vehicle's booking details.
Recording Trips
View detailed trip reports to see when a customer dropped off their vehicle at your location/s and how long they were driving for.
Driver Behaviour
Gain real-time knowledge about your customers, identifying unique driving patterns that are then saved against the customer's bookings.
Back Up Battery
Battery time is critical when it comes to monitoring your vehicles. The tracking unit has a lithium-ion back up battery in case the main power is cut or disconnected.
Fuel Usage
Get insight into how much fuel is being consumed by your vehicles and the fuel economy of your vehicles.
Fleet Service
Know when your vehicle is due for its next service or receive an alert when a vehicle's registration is due for renewal.
Plug and Play Installation
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use my OBD Plug & Play tracker in more than one vehicles?
Will the OBD Plug & Play tracker drain my car's battery?
Will I know if the tracker is unplugged and can I hide it?
How hard is it to install the tracking device?

Yes moving the tracker in-between cars is straightforward and quick. Simply unplug the device, connect it to the new vehicle and assign the tracker to the new vehicle in Rental Car Manager.

The OBD2 Plug & Play tracker is specifically designed to minimise battery draining. The tracker can stay connected to a car for weeks without affecting your battery.

The OBD2 Plug & Play tracker has a backup battery built inside, so if the unit is disconnected from the main power of the vehicle the device will also send out an alert. The device comes with Y cable which means it can be hidden behind the dash if required.

Anyone can install the device and no installation experience is required, first find the OBD2 port in your vehicle which normal near the vehicle's pedals push the tracker onto the port and that's it.