What's New - Stripe Subscriptions

Discover the Newest in RCM: Stripe-Powered Recurring Subscriptions.

Stripe Subscriptions

Introducing our latest feature in Rental Car Manager: Seamless recurring payments powered by Stripe Subscriptions. Easily configure your bookings to invoice on a regular schedule – perfect for those extended hires, with the convenience to bill daily, weekly, or monthly.

Experience the adaptability your business demands with Stripe Subscriptions. Choose custom initial and final payment options, effortlessly cancel or unlink a subscription from a booking, and get a snapshot of all your active subscriptions with our new Active Payment Subscriptions report.

Every element of the subscription, from finalising to invoice settlements, is managed via Stripe.

Furthermore, consider utilising our Automations feature. We’ve introduced new triggers for email alerts and web requests tied to subscription activities, including initiation, termination, successful transactions, failed payments, required actions, and transaction errors.