What’s New – September 2023

Explore RCM’s latest features: Seamless integration with Flow CX, an enhanced Infringement API, and new Email Logging changes. More control, customization, and automation for a streamlined RCM experience.

Email Logging Changes

Rental Car Manager has introduced a new feature related to email history logging. When an email is sent through RCM, it is now recorded and readily accessible in a report. This report displays details such as:

Integration with Flow CX

RCM now seamlessly integrates with Flow CX to enhance customer feedback and reviews for your business. Through RCM’s Automations feature, setting up and managing this integration is straightforward and efficient.

This integration provides a powerful tool for collecting feedback and generating online reviews, ultimately improving a rental car business’s online reputation and customer satisfaction.

Infringements API

The enhanced Infringement API  allows you to efficiently handle traffic violations and infringements within Rental Car Manager. The API enables you to automatically look up vehicle and driver details related to infringements, record infringement information against reservations, add fees, and facilitate payments where applicable.

The Infringement API is specifically designed to reduce the administrative burden of manually processing infringements through RCM. By leveraging this API, you can automate the handling of infringements, saving time and effort.

The API allows two methods:

  1. Get Trip: Provide the vehicle registration number and the date/time of the offense, and retrieve relevant information about the customer who was driving the vehicle at that time. This data is usually sufficient to generate a Statutory Declaration for the infringement and, if necessary, send an email notification to the customer.
  2. Process Infringement: Record an infringement against the booking reservation in RCM. Additionally, you have the option to include an administration fee associated with the infringement and indicate whether RCM should attempt to collect the payment for that fee.