Rental Car Managers new flexible package feature allows you to bundle up your rates and extras into an attractive package deal to entice your customers.

With 4 package types to suit every scenario, and with easy Website Integration, your customers will be grabbing some great package deals over the phone, or direct from your website.


Set up a Package Deal that includes as many extras as you want at a set cost or get specific with unique rental rates or discounts on each extra fee.

Rental Car Manager’s flexible new Package feature lets you be as creative and comprehensive as your customers need you to be!

Package Deal Types

Use up to four different types of packages:

  • Package Total Cost + Extra Fees at zero cost

Set a total price for a multi-day booking that includes extras at no additional cost.

  • Package Daily Rate + Extra Fees at zero cost

Set the daily rental rate and any extra fees that are included free of charge.

  • Package Daily Rate + Extra Fees at cost

After specifying the daily rental rate, further costs for extra fees may be included in the package. This package allows you to offer a discounted rate for extras as a part of the package deal.

  • Standard Rate + Extra Fees at cost

Use the standard RCM seasonal rates and include specific extras as a package deal.