What's New - June 2023

Explore RCM’s latest updates: enhanced E-Signature customization, configurable exclusions for Online Check-In reminders, and a new Insurance tab for comprehensive booking details in Insurance Hires. More control, customization, and detail for a streamlined RCM experience.

E-signature Extra Signable Sections

E-Signature Extra Signable Sections have been updated to enable further customisation and personalisation.

You can now use placeholders to automatically insert booking information into Extra Signable Sections. For example, use the label for the hirer’s last name (“$LASTNAME”) to dynamically insert it in an extra signable section.

This new feature is only available for Extra Signable Sections and is not available for standard E-Signature templates.

Online Check In Reminder: Exclusions

RCM now allows you to configure exclusions for automatic Online Check-In Reminder emails. This adjustment provides more control over who gets these reminders based on their booking details.

These exclusions can be set up using various fields such as Category, Location, Brand, or Rental Source in the Online Check-In Reminder Template. Once a field is selected, it will display all the available options for you to choose from.

This feature can be particularly useful if you have specific booking parameters that should be excluded from these reminders. For instance, if there are bookings from certain Vehicle Categories or specific locations like Brisbane Airport or Brisbane CBD, these can be excluded from the automatic reminders. With this update, you can now tailor your reminders to better align with your specific business needs.

Insurance Hires

RCM has been updated to better serve businesses providing insurance hires, also known as Demurrage. The latest enhancement introduces additional fields on the booking form, designed to capture more comprehensive information related to Insurance Bookings. These include details about the accident, client’s vehicle, repair information, and third-party data.

If your company offers Insurance Hires, you’ll now find a new ‘Insurance’ tab on the Booking Form. Here, each section can be expanded to input relevant information. The system offers flexibility as well, if you’re using the Branding feature in RCM, you can turn this new functionality on or off based on the brand associated with the booking. This update aims to streamline the recording of crucial information for insurance hire bookings.