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Identity Verification

Rental Car Manager has integrated with APLYiD to provide secure identity verification so you can be sure your customers are who they say they are.

APLYiD ID Verification

Rental Car Manager’s integration with APLYiD will allow you to send a request to hirers to complete an identity verification check prior to pick up. Hirers will need to go through several steps to confirm their identity, including uploading pictures of their ID and of themselves. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ‘liveness’ algorithms are used to capture the driver’s license details as well as confirm that the image on the driver’s licence matches the image taken of themselves.

The seamless integration with RCM means you can:

  • Send ID verification requests by SMS
  • Run RCM reports to identify pending and completed ID verification requests
  • View ID verification results in an easy-to-read PDF format