What's New!

What's new

At Rental Car Manager, we have been busy working on new features and updates that enable greater flexibility and are designed with your business in mind.

What's new

What’s New – October 2021 Edition

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s new in RCM


Smart Lock Box

Our new smart lock box integration allows your customer to pickup the keys to a vehicle from a lock box designed to be attached to the car window, number plate or conveniently mounted on a depot wall. Your customers are emailed the ‘Lock Box Pickup Instructions’ which contain an automatically time generated lock box code that they enter on the lock box keypad. This is a great option for hands free, out of hours pickups or for those remote locations where staff are not always available.

Instant Notifications

You can now share any general or business critical information across your organisation instantly with our new ‘Instant Notification’ feature.

Whether it be a customer or vehicle issue, a weather event, a business disruption or a simple birthday shout out, an instant notification can be sent to as many or as few employees as required based on access levels, locations and individual user logins. 

instant notification1

GPS Pages

Our new GPS Tracking pages allow you to pinpoint the whereabouts of every vehicle on an interactive map and vehicle status page.  One click allows you to view vehicle location, status and booking information with a link to take you directly to the booking in RCM.  With our automated notifications feature you can also push selected alerts to RCM staff or even straight to the hirers mobile letting them know immediately of possible engine alerts, speeding or if the GPS has been disconnected.  View your fleet telematics data in real time directly from your RCM system !